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Brasil 360º: No time to waste

BRASA Summit, BRASA's annual conference in North America, is dedicated to empowering, connecting, and inspiring the next generation of Brazilian leaders with the vision of contributing to a better Brazil. This event serves as a platform for engaging debates and discussions on topics crucial to Brazil's development, fostering an exchange of insights and experiences between accomplished speakers and eager students.

In addition to thought-provoking panels and inspiring keynotes, BRASA Summit features a vibrant career fair with esteemed corporate partnerships, a thrilling pitch competition, enriching workshops, engaging chats, and other initiatives designed to captivate participants and create an environment conducive to both social and professional growth.

At BRASA Summit 2021, we introduced "Brasil 360º," a conference model that ensured a comprehensive exploration of each topic by featuring speakers from diverse fields in every panel. The theme "No Time to Waste" underscored the urgency felt in addressing the country's pressing structural challenges, which continue to escalate in the absence of resolution.





October 8th and 9th, 2021


Georgia Tech, Atlanta, US

Sao Paulo, Brazil



Blue Sky & Concept





Experience Design

Project Management



XR Experiences

Hybrid Conference:
Adapting to the Pandemic with Innovation

For the first time in BRASA's history, we embraced a hybrid conference format to navigate the challenges posed by the pandemic. While all participants gathered in person at Atlanta, the conference unfolded in two simultaneous formats. Attendees, speakers, and partner companies were physically present at Georgia Tech, while some speakers joined virtually, with the majority broadcasting from the BTG Pactual studio in São Paulo. Additionally, select companies participated in the event virtually.

In my role as an UX Designer and Engagement Analyst, I was responsible for planning the engagement strategies for attendees and ensuring a seamless experience in the hybrid conference model. Managing the significant challenge of guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for all participants, I collaborated closely with both the Technology and the local Georgia Tech teams.

Together, we meticulously mapped out the guest journeys across the various conference activities. We devised logistics and technology solutions to deliver an impeccable experience that was both economically viable and memorable. It was a rewarding collaboration that underscored the power of innovation in overcoming challenges and creating meaningful connections in a hybrid setting.

Solutions Implemented

Collaborative Broadcasting: In a strategic collaboration with a technology company in Atlanta, we orchestrated a seamless broadcasting experience. The conference was broadcasted from the BTG studio in São Paulo and transmitted via Exame's YouTube channel. This partnership not only ensured high-quality production but also expanded the reach of the conference, engaging a global audience.


NFC Guest Cards: Revolutionizing the participant experience, we introduced NFC (Near Field Communication) guest cards. This technology-enabled solution provided attendees with a personalized and interactive experience. From streamlined event entry to interactive engagement points, the NFC cards enhanced connectivity and convenience, ensuring that every guest could fully immerse themselves in the conference with ease.

Watch the panels on Exame's Youtube channel:

BRASA Publica na Summit: 
Elevating Brazilian Research in the North America

At the forefront of the BRASA Graduate Students team, I spearheaded and executed the first BRASA Publica na Summit, a competition designed to enhance the visibility of Brazilian researchers on the international stage.

To participate, researchers were required to submit a concise, 3-minute video in Portuguese. The content was evaluated by the Exame team based on the clarity of communication and the ability to explain complex research in simple terms, avoiding technical jargon. All submitted videos were showcased on the BRASA Publica platform and shared across the BRASA's social media channels.

Throughout the conference, participants had the opportunity to present their research projects, fostering connections with fellow Brazilian researchers and receiving valuable assessments from a panel of esteemed professors. The top three projects, recognized for their excellence, were featured in Exame for widespread recognition.

My role encompassed the conceptualization and development of this initiative, establishing key partnerships with Exame and US professors, defining evaluation criteria, facilitating communication with participants, collecting and sharing video submissions to evaluators, and orchestrating the overall event logistics.

Read the publication:

Career Fair:
Nurturing Partnerships and Innovating the Recruitment Experience

Collaborating closely with the Partnerships and Technology teams, I played a pivotal role in cultivating and strengthening BRASA's relationships with prominent companies such as JP Morgan, McKinsey, and Ambev. Together, we developed innovative solutions to facilitate a successful hybrid conference.


From the initial onboarding process to shaping each company's participation model in the career fair—whether in-person, virtual, or a hybrid approach—I ensured a seamless experience for both companies and candidates throughout the recruitment process.

Solutions Implemented

Customized Recruitment Platform: We introduced a dynamic recruitment platform tailored to the specific needs of partner companies. This included a streamlined interview scheduling system, providing recruiters with the tools they needed to efficiently connect with potential candidates.

Physical and Virtual Interview Rooms: Recognizing the diverse preferences of participating companies, we established dedicated spaces for both physical and virtual interviews. This flexibility accommodated the unique recruitment styles of each company, ensuring a personalized and effective engagement with candidates.