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Television shows and videos for supporting the switch-off in Sao Paulo

SP Digital was a project of the University of Sao Paulo (USP) in collaboration with Seja Digital, a non-governmental and non-profit entity responsible for operationalizing the digital television transition in Brazil.


The goal was to plan and execute actions to support the community of the city of Sao Paulo during the analog switch-off. We produced television shows and videos that were broadcasted on the IPTV USP (the USP video streaming website) and LabArteMedia channel on YouTube.


In the Pre and Post-Production stages, I was the Design lead, being responsible for the brand identity, creation of vignettes, set design, and animations, and editing videos. During the live TV shows, I performed different roles in each program, including Producer, Character Generator Operator, and Graphics Coordinator.

Live Shows & Events


Seja Digital




Sao Paulo, Brazil



Students and professors from Cinema, Radio and Television College at University of Sao Paulo







Set Design

Graphic Design

Media Design



Television Production

Character Generator Operation

Graphics Coordination


Video Editing


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere



TV show #1
TV show #1

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TV show #2
TV show #2

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TV show #4
TV show #4

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TV show #1
TV show #1

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Virtual sets for TV shows

I designed two virtual sets for TV shows. Although they had different concepts, both of them change over the program, bringing the idea of transition.


The set of the first three TV shows was a video animation live projected via VT on the chroma key. It consisted of several screens displaying diverse videos. At the beginning of the show, these screens simulated analog television noises. After a time, these noises were gradually replaced by colored balls in movement. At the end of the program, the images of the screens are combined, creating a single composition that represents digital television.


The set design of program 4 was composed of physical elements (black cubes and three televisions of different technologies - analog TV and digital TV) and a virtual set (background with 3D images and cubes), developed using the ORAD technology. The proposal was to blend different screens and realities (physical, virtual, projected), representing the contemporary world.

TV shows and videos

SP Digital

SP Digital

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