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Where stories come to life

Future of the Themed Entertainment Industry


The prompt for this project was to think out of the box and imagine the future of themed experience. After individual pitches, students from the class THED 730 (SCAD) selected the idea of creating a new children's library where they could engage with the stories and become part of the stories themselves.


We had Blue Sky meetings to deepen the concept for the Imaginarium library, including a story narrative, architectural design, interior theming, and guest experience. From that, each student developed one part of this unique destination.


I was part of the Guest Experience team, responsible for the guest journey and the narrative. As I was engaged in the development of interactive experiences for the guests, I decided to design the "Story Room".






Savannah, US


Blue Sky & Concept


Experience Design

2D Drawing

3D Modeling





Live Shows & Events

Design Process

  1. Research about Trends and Technologies

  2. Study and analysis of Immersive Experiences

  3. Research about Storytelling & Children’s Library

  4. Initial Ideas for the Library

  5. Library: Guest Journey

  6. Story Room: Ideation and Concept

  7. Story Room: Design


The Story Room offers two different types of multisensory experiences, in which guests listen, watch, feel, and immerse themselves in the world of storytelling. 

The cylindrical shape and blank walls of the room work as a white canvas becoming the perfect place to unfold diverse settings and bring stories to the environment.

Experience 1

Through oral and visual storytelling, small children are surprised by the world of stories. 

An enchanting performer tells an unforgettable story, taking them out of reality and driving them into fantasy. 


Target: newborn to age 4 

Guest role: audience (optional interaction) 

Experience 2

To help children grow their reading skills, this experience provides a fun environment for reading by transforming children into characters and making them feel part of the story. 

Target: early readers (age 5-9) 

Guest role: participant (interaction encouraged)

Co-Creation Platform

It is the virtual community of the Imaginarium Library, where mem­bers can co-create new stories. Together they can write plots, de­fine characters, choose conflicts, and find resolutions for the story. The ideas that get more votes from the community are performed in the Story Room, connecting the digital and the physical worlds.


Target: age 10+

Guest role: writer, illustrator  (interaction required) 

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