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Exploring magic past, present, and future to protect our tomorrow

"Protecting and renewing natural resources" is Evergreen Industries' mission, and to many they seem to be redefining how a sustainable international corporation should operate. Using only recycled or secondhand materials to produce technology and devices and committing to 100% open code and platforms has allowed them to push the boundaries of truly ‘green’ operations. Their latest achievement (and marketing tactic) is focusing on ‘alternative magic’ to technology,

including methods used by native peoples and other groups that still practice and harness

magic throughout the world.


To showcase their commitment to progress and cultural exchange, Evergreen has opened access to their Wondergreen park, where they’ve physically built connections to different magic-wielding groups. Evergreen’s ‘magical’ technology is only one form magic can take, and visitors can explore each land’s unique magic and its power. The Orlocks are a magical society of creatures that wield magic fueled by their connection to (and preservation of) water. Dive into their world as you venture under the surface. Tap into the magic of the land as mythical legends and creatures come to life in the Tlingit Village, nestled in the forest. Go beyond the earth with astrologists as they harness the magic of stars and other spatial bodies.


However, underneath Evergreen’s tree-hugging and culture-exchanging facade something sinister lurks. One of the departments believes that the other types of magic pose a threat to Evergreen’s growing technological power. This department has begun to steal some of the most powerful sources of magic in each land to undermine their power and strengthen Evergreen’s status. Guests can see evidence of this sinister plot as they explore black markets of magical goods in some of the lands. If guests want to help fight this department, they can join the Time Explorer Training Program which has multiple recruitment points and offers interactive adventures throughout the park.






Savannah, US


Ana Curbelo - K’aangal

Flavia Yoshitake - Tlingit Village

Greg Spessot - Al’Cachee Basin

Michele Mandula - Chee Illahee


Blue Sky & Concept


Master Planning

Experience Design

2D Drawing

3D Modeling

Graphic Design



Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Please check the Tlingit Village on this page:



Design Process

  1. Brainstorming

  2. Blue Sky

  3. Story

  4. Concept

  5. Design

  6. Design

Master Plan and Breakout Plans

Beauty Shot


Credit: Greg Spessot (SketchUp + Lumion)​

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