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SAV_ 202120_PROD_FlaviaYoshitake_PROD750


Creating a new world

The goal of the Final Project from the PROD 750 class (Digital Visualization for Production Design) was to construct an imaginary world.


It was given story prompts to unlock our minds and inspire us to create a fictional universe.






Savannah, US





Concept Art




Adobe Photoshop

Design Process

  1. Analysis

  2. Research 

  3. Written work 

  4. Sketches

  5. Color palette 

  6. Concept art 


2030. After countless natural disasters, global leaders finally wake up to the alert of the world’s greatest scientists. If significant measures are not taken, planet Earth will not survive more than 20 years.


They create the Global League and launch a challenge to the world: develop a city for the future. The three chosen ideas will be built, prototyped, and tested by researchers and volunteer citizens. After 10 years of testing, they will select a model city to be imple­mented in the world as the last attempt to secure the existence of the next generations.


The first solution is Gaia city, a sustainable city that combines traditional techniques used by antique and intellectual civilizations and advanced technologies. Professionals from diverse backgrounds (such as scientists, researchers, architects, city planners, and engineers) are looking to nature to solve environmental problems in a regenerative and sustainable way. For this, they have the most cutting-edge innovation center of all time where they can develop diverse solutions, test them in different parts of the city and track the evolution from within the laboratory.


The second is Hefesto city, a smart city that relies on Information and Communication Technologies and big data to manage everything.


The third is Mars City, a program to develop solutions to colonize and inhabit Mars.


Despite all this mobilization, several conspiracy groups and prophets are against this Global program. Some of them encourage the population to do not support the Global League, and others organize and attack the prototype cities.

Gaia City

SAV_ 202120_PROD_FlaviaYoshitake_PROD750
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