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Travel to and from home


Themed Attraction:

2022 Student Showcase

Best in Class: Technology + 5 prizes

SCAD Startup is an annual week-long design sprint organized by the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).


In 2022, the competition challenged us with the question: “Where do we go from here?”


Teaming up with four fellow students from diverse nationalities and majors, we conceptualized Domo, an immersive marketplace offering a curated selection of cultural activities and high-quality products within a hybrid environment.




SCAD Startup 





Savannah, US


Enya Huang

Flavia Yoshitake

Lina Edris

Pie Prapawuttikul

Jevin Chen


Blue Sky & Concept


Experience Design

Business Design


Concept Art

Motion Media

Video Editing

Game Design




After Effects



Unreal Engine


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 1


Despite our diverse backgrounds, interests, and traditions, we identified a commonality among us as international students at SCAD: a sense of homesickness.


Recognizing this shared experience, we conducted extensive research, including desk research and a survey involving 20 international students. Our findings revealed that:


  • 40% of international students experience homesickness at least once a week or more

  • 85% of international students who have not returned to their home countries reported experiencing homesickness

  • 50% of international students believe that homesickness has impacted their academic performance


These statistics underscored the prevalence of homesickness among international students, highlighting it as a significant problem.


Our design question became:


    How might we establish an emotional connection to help international students

    feel at home despite the physical distance?

Step 2


To stimulate rapid idea generation, we employed the Crazy Eights technique. In this dynamic exercise, each team member sketched eight unique ideas in just eight minutes. The objective was to generate a diverse range of solutions to address our challenge.


Following this brainstorming session, we conducted a voting process to select our favorite ideas. From the pool of options, two concepts emerged as frontrunners:


  • Festival Celebrations

  • Food/ Surprise Delivery

Drawing inspiration from a trend report indicating that

"84% of the interviewers said that technology has deepened relationships with their family and friends” (Into the Metaverse, Wunderman Thompson, 2021),

we recognized the potential of integrating digital technology into our solution.


To further refine our concepts, each team member independently completed the 5W1H framework, answering these questions:


  • What will we offer to our target audience?

  • Who else will use our product?

  • Why will they use it?

  • When will they use it?

  • Where will they use it?

  • How will they use it?


These discussions culminated in the development of our solution, guided by our collective insights and informed by the needs of our target audience.



Step 3


Inspired by our brainstorming sessions and informed by recent trends, I recalled an emerging concept known as travelportation. This trend signifies “the digital world is offering immersive travel experiences from the comfort of home.” (The Future 100: 2022, Wunderman Thompson).


Recognizing the potential of this trend, we sought to develop a solution that would enable users to embark on virtual journeys without physically leaving their homes.

Our aim was to create an experience that would foster a deeper connection to their loved ones and their cultural heritage, thereby establishing a strong emotional bond.

Step 4


In order to gain deeper insights into our users and refine our concept, we crafted a persona drawing from our research findings and personal experiences as international students.


Additionally, we developed different user journeys to conceptualize digital experiences aimed at connecting diverse users through the concept of travelportation.


These two tools proved instrumental in solidifying our solution, providing us with invaluable perspectives and guiding our development process.

Step 5


Domo, derived from the Esperanto word for house, embodies an immersive marketplace that seamlessly integrates a curated array of cultural activities and premium products within a hybrid environment. This unique concept allows users to indulge in both digital and physical experiences from the comfort of their homes.


By delivering authentic cultural and social encounters to end consumers, Domo serves as a platform that not only enriches individual experiences but also provides a novel sales channel for Small and Mid-size Enterprises (SMEs) to thrive within the metaverse.

User Journey

User Journey.jpg

Interface Design


Business Model 

Domo Business Model Canvas
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